Geoff Kane, MD, MPH is Chief of Addiction Services at the Brattleboro Retreat, a 180-year-old psychiatric and addiction treatment hospital in southeastern Vermont. He is a graduate of Boston College and Yale School of Medicine.

This website is an extension of the main mission of my forty-plus years in medicine: to understand what people with addiction are up against and pass that understanding on to them so they can apply it and establish safety, balance, and satisfaction in their lives. I learned the most from the thousands of patients who related their stories to me – sharing both their mistakes and their successes. It turns out that the latest brain science teaches the same lessons as my patients’ hard-won practical wisdom.

There are many paths to recovery. Most of the people I meet who have active addiction, if they desire lasting sobriety, must avoid addictive substances and the circumstances of their use as well as cultivate honesty and positive interpersonal relationships. To achieve this many require structure and professional help; some require medication.

Few things in life, if any, are as refreshing as mutually respectful, authentic interactions between human beings. I hope you find a touch of that here.

There is a lot to explore on this website even though it is still under construction.  You will have to visit again.

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