Addiction Treatment Bare Essentials

This informative and entertaining DVD features Dr. Geoff Kane, Chief of Addiction Services at the Brattleboro Retreat. It contains all of the Two Pillars of Recovery video segments. Click arrow at left for preview. (Read more or order)

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“Dr. Kane’s presentation makes the considerable task of entering addiction treatment and experiencing healthy recovery accessible and achievable. The essential elements of treatment and recovery are presented with humor and humility. For individuals and their families struggling with addiction, his message replaces stigma with hope.”
~ David C. Lewis, MD Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Community Health and the Donald G. Millar Distinguished Professor of Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University
“This is a useful and practical guide for those who are looking for a traditional approach to recovery from addictions. Dr. Kane presents information and strategies in a straightforward yet knowledgeable way that will be refreshing to those struggling to make sense of their lives. An excellent speaker with a heart for this work, Dr. Kane provides hope and wisdom in his DVD and workbook. [The Two Pillars of Recovery Workbook]
~ Theresa B. Moyers, PhD Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico

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