Beyond the Two Pillars of Recovery Podcast

The Two Pillars of Recovery® (Keep Your Distance! and Ask For Help!) remind individuals with addiction—the severe end of the spectrum of substance use disorders—how to establish recovery by working with nature.

These podcasts go beyond The Two Pillars of Recovery® because they speak to everyone, or at least to everyone concerned about the rising human and economic costs of, not just addiction, but all harmful substance use and substance use disorders.

The terrible costs of harmful substance use can be curbed, but perhaps only when individuals, healthcare providers, and communities embrace the dignity of all, make comprehensive person-centered care available to all, and radically reduce harmful environmental factors such as poverty, violence, and easy access to substances.

In these conversations, you will meet people who have hope for a better future and are striving to attain it.

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Episode List with Links:

Episode 1: I need help: Where do I start?

Episode 2: The Changing vocabulary of Addiction and Recovery

Episode 3: Judgements Inhibit People from Asking for Help

Episode 4: Substance Use Involves Risk: Where Do You Stand?

Episode 5: Treating Addiction with Compassion Always – and Medication Sometimes

Episode 6: Everyone Has a Role in Prevention

Episode 7: Mindfulness Makes the Difference

Episode 8: Cannabis: Where Are We Now?

Episode 9: Too Many Factions, Not Enough Love: One Tribe is All We Need

Episode 10: Healing Psychological Trauma and Growing Resilience: “The Power of Humans Supporting Each Other”

Episode 11: Simply Noticing Puts You in the Now

Episode 12: Paying it Forward: SUD Treatment With Compassionate Accountability

Episode 13: How to Exit States of “Overwhelm”